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About Us

MASHER lets you easily create a video by mashing together photos, music tracks, text and special effects. So you can create a video to brag about your holiday, to wish your friend happy birthday, or to market your fast growing business. Whatever you have to say, a video is a great way of telling friends, family and customers what you're up to and MASHER is designed to help you do that.

MASHER was created in 2009 and since then we've been going from strength to strength, supported by our community of amazing subscribers! We now have an incredible built-in library of music tracks, fonts and special effects that you can use in your creations.

To use MASHER, you only need to have a web-browser - there is nothing to download or install.

With more than 600,000 subscribers around the world, you can create a video with MASHER and then email it to your friends, embed in on your website, post it to Facebook or Twitter or download it to your computer - the possibilities are endless!

Mix, Mash, and Share.

Now go get mashing!