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We Care for Humanity Poetry expresses in poetry the values of humanitarians and their stories. Princess Maria uses her high royal status for the promotion of peace and humanitarian ideals. Her ideals unite countries and religions. Money raised by We Care for Humanity goes to fund the charity’s work in many countries including war torn Africa. Education, vaccinations, health, food, clothing and shelter are priorities. The tasks that We Care for Humanity is asked to support continually grow in diversity, abandoned children, refugees, acid attack survivors and victims of natural disasters. The Traveling Princess Global T. V. Show is broadcast internationally and raises the profile of the many charities and issues they address. Traveling Princess Maria has been welcomed by the lowly and the most high in all the countries in her royal visits 2014/2015 illustrating this book. Princess Maria sees pain that other people would rather not and tries to improve it with her registered charity We Care for Humanity. Her global charity has spread to India; Pakistan; Sri Lanka; Morocco; Malaysia; Nepal; Philippines and Egypt this year. The Traveling Princess stands for peace between nations, uniting faiths with love of humanity and improving conditions for the needy. A truly noble princess in touch with progressing humanity in a changing world. She walks in love and humility addressing needs. We Care for Humanity is a world team addressing world problems. The peace of the world is in the eyes of the child. The Traveling Princess is a beacon of light. . It includes in its pages Presidents Royalty and those in need.

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