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Andy Capp:Trapper Keeper
by andycapps1

Vampin in this bitch, We stay vampin in this bitch Trapper Keeper Keep that nigga in a trap(Aye) Lay that nigga on his back(Aye) Bee honey fein crack whats that? Trapper Keeper Ooh give it to em baby just like that Give it to em give it to em baby Just like that Oh give it to em he deserve that Give it to em give it to em he deserve that I'm caked up with my BEEF out Discreet treat but I stand out Fuck what dem bois talk about Pimp flow hard hoe walk it out Body bag bars Chalk em out PSA This is not a Test cheated that bitch #1 I'm the best Raw dog sick dick fuck the rest I ain't talking about no trade I cant compete with no lames All late Tryna read throw SHADE Nigga we not on the same page Im out of your range Reading Glasses on but still cant see me (See me) Stay in my own lane My persona they want to be me What's a pawn to a knight What's a knight to a king Whats a decoy on the real Musically embarrassing graceful vicious genuine 7:30 insane barbarian like I told ya befo Thats that chop town coke I'm that don diva aka murder he wrote That Dark Skin Complexion Zero Below When I Step In Rappers is mess niggas wanna flex How He get play?, he don't talk about Sex You niggas make no cents make me so sick They only make sense when the topic is dick yappin slick Think they the shit Cash out deplete that bitch Im When to do it Show How to do it All while getting to it Trap Trap Trap

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